Ophthalmology Department is comprised of highly skilled ophthalmologists and professional staff who can provide a complete range of medical and surgical management of both routine and complex eye disorders.

Our specialty services include Phaco emulsification (Suture- less) with foldable intra- ocular lens implantation, cornea and external disease, Oculoplastic surgery, Paediatric Ophthalmology (squint corrections), retina & vitreous disorders and Neuro- ophthalmology. Our mission is the preservation of sight through excellence in patient care, education and research.


Services Offered

  • Complete eye check- up with trained Optometrist.
  • Phaco emulsification with foldable intra-ocular lens implantation.
  • Suture-less Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (Non-Phaco).
  • Complete evaluation of Glaucoma patients including IOP measurements using Applanation Tonometry, Non-Contact Tonometry.
  • Computerized visual field analysis with Humphreys Automated Perimeter.
  • Anti-Glaucoma operations like trabeculectomy, irodotomy etc.
  • Total Orthoptic and Strabismus work up.
  • Squint corrective surgeries.
  • Oculoplastics and other Lid reconstructive Operations.
  • Surgeries of Lacrimal apparatus like DCR, DCT.
  • Refraction with computerized Auto Refractometer.
  • Fitting of the contact lenses.
  • Total Screening of patients with Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Ultrasound scanning of the eye.
  • 24-Hour availability of eye specialist for treatment of emergency eye patients
  • Bladeless Laser Surgery- Femtolasik ,ReLEx SMILE
  • Treatment of keratoconus using cross linkage,intracorneal ring segments etc.
  • Removal of pterygium with conjunctival autografting
  • Total Refractive procedures including –LASIK, phakic lenses,ICL and clear lens extraction
  • Corneal procedures

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