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“I have been a patient of Zulekha hospital since 10 years now,,,I have with thanks been attended to by many different doctors especially regards my blood pressure and lower back pain experience 1 time in 2014,,,,my loudest voice of gratitude is to dr it’s al souri who for the very first time has handled my ailment to the highest professional level beyond my explanation,,,I’m simply walking out as a happiest patient ever !! Dr Iyar referred me to yet another doctor hisham gad snatcher best doctor who has or is controlling my BP for the very first time!!!!!thank you to this 2 doctor for this relief and professionalism!!! Always ZH patient !!!!thanks to everyone who tried and thanks also to the management and to customer relation who write for me this word and thanks to doctor Zulekha Daud.”

Dorothy Sitali

“Staffs and doctors are very accommodating. Best and amazing doctors especially Doctor Jasbir and Dortor Bashar. Good service and very efficient. Definitely hats off and kudos.”

Ameera Francesca Castro

“I would like to thank doctor: RAJESH KUMAR, because he gave us as a parent full diagnosis for my son case after he falldown “accident, fall down from a high -level cabinet to down the floor”,. I would like to really thank him again because he also consult other pediatric neurologist abroad the UAE to give us a clear diagnosis for my son case... in addition, the doctor is really respectful and treat the client in a good way. Thanks really to you doctor RAKESH KUMAR for your time and effort.. The mother of Saud.”

Mahra Zoz

“ I’m Renalyn Custodio from Fujairah I was admitted last 2 days ago, for Kindney Biospy by Doc. Alind Kumar , one of my colleague referred me to Dr. Kumar first time I met Dr. Kumar I said to my self I felt that Dr. Kumar is the Dr. I need for for my illness and he proved it to me that Dr. Kumar is the one of the best Dr. he is so professional in everything, so kind , cool and I like to him coz he gave me full support encourage me that this biospy I cannot feel anything and its true?all the Dr. and nurses thank you for your help, kind ,sweet , smiling and give respect once they entered my room... and today I surprised coz I received one call from zulekha hospital just to asked me how’s my health and my tears was falling really Zulekha hospital I saluted ... May Allah Blessed Zulekha Hospital excellent in all with extra miles....”

Aliya Custodio

“Thank you very much for the staff in 10 th floor zulekha Sharjah for all your assistance during the hospitalization of my daughter. Especially Dr.Showkat Menon and the nursing staff . Sister Priya,Jomy,Ponsy,Arya,Ligy George ,Liji Thomas and sandiya . They did their job wonderful and their work is highly appreciated.”

Dr Parveez Hameed

“ Thank you very much for the great service...The whole staff was very friendly & everything was up to the standards..Special thanks to the doctors,friendly nurses,cleaning staff & food suppliers..You all made our stay comfortable...Thank you.”

Purnima Mendis

“We are happy that we chose Zulekha Hospital for an emergency medical requirement. The entire team (the consulting doctor, duty doctors, all the nurses, and all other support staff) in the emergency and 10th floor paediatric ward has been to be great professionals and excellent service provider. In addition to good healthcare, the team of nurses were very friendly, lab reports were timely, had no delay with insurance, very clean etc. We highly recommend ZHS.”

Anil Babu

“My son was admitted in Zulekha hospital sharjah with a severe bacterial infection . Really the pediatric 10th floor is very convinient. They took very good care of my son . From the moment they fixed the cannula without even he felt it . It was fixed perfectly and never caused him any pain for 3 days. The nurses are amazing it's only a few seconds for them to show up when we ring the bell. Very kind to the kids they laugh with them and try their best to make them happy. My son took the medicine easily with them because they know how to deal with kids very well. Our amazing nurses names are Jitha, Biniy & Binu. And of course the amazing Dr. Serar very sweet and professional. Really thank you Zulekha hospital for taking good care of my son ?. Recommended for children.”

Roaa Ahmed

“ Dear NICU Team Not many people know what you (NICU Team) do, what goes on behind those securely locked doors. Not many people know the impact that a NICU nurse, and the whole NICU team can have on a family. A family with a baby in critical condition needing intensive care—your intensive care. We had no clue that bonds would be made, love would be given, cries would be shared. We had no clue what it would feel like to leave our baby, our heart, in the hands of a stranger. We had no clue what it would feel like to watch and let that stranger take care of our baby while oftentimes we had to sit by and watch from the sidelines. But we are thankful that you were that stranger. we are thankful for the bond you made, the love you gave, the cries you had over our baby. We want to tell you how grateful we are. This is for you, and no matter how hard we try, these words can’t express how much we truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you NICU TEAM for your patience, that you were patient with our lack of understanding and our desire to know more & were willing to answer our one million questions & that we could call at 11 p.m., 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. and that you would be there to tell me how my baby was. Thank you for trying to make me feel like a person, not a patient. Thank you for making us feel that our baby was someone special to you all. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

Jaish Rajusth

“ 10 flr pediatric ward, the nurses and service were excellent...the care and concern the nurses and doctors gave for my baby was beyond words. Thank you.”

Geena Anaz