Maternity Packages

Package Amount
Antenatal & Normal Delivery Package (2 USG’s of which 1 is Anomaly Scan) Dhs. 13500/-
Basic Antenatal Package (2 USG’s of which 1 is Anomaly Scan) Dhs. 6000/-
High Risk Antenatal Package Dhs. 7500/-
III - Trimester ANC Package Dhs. 2300/-
Normal Delivery Package (Booked) Dhs. 8000/-
Normal Delivery Package (Unbooked) Dhs.9500/-
Normal Delivery Package - VIP Dhs. 10000/-
Normal Delivery (VIP Room) - Unbooked Dhs. 11500/-
Ceasarean Package Dhs.14000/-
Caesarean Package (Unbooked) Dhs.15500/-
Ceasarean Package VIP Dhs.19000/-
Caesarean Package VIP - Unbooked Dhs.20000/-
2nd Ceasarean (Single Room) Dhs.15000/-
2nd Ceasarean (VIP Room) Dhs.20500/-
2nd Ceasarean (VIP Room)-UNBOOKED Dhs.21500/-
Instrumental Delivery (Extra) Dhs.1700/-
Twin Delivery Dhs.1500/-
PACKAGE FOR D & C Dhs.5000/-
This Package is applicable only to those patients who have already booked delivery package in Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah.