The department of intensive care is a well-equipped one with all the modern and state of the art facilities and served by well and varied experienced doctors .Our intensivist leads Critical Care Units and are highly motivated and skilled personnel. The intensive care unit offers the best and most innovative critical care, managing all medical, cardiac and surgical .Our Intensivists work closely with our highly trained team of critical care nurses and therapists in order to best manage each patient's plan of care from the time they enter an intensive care unit.

The intensive care department consists of the ICU (10 beds) interlinked with bedside hemodialysis and advanced hemodynamic monitoring. Our ICU is prepared to receive infectious cases in specialized isolation room, provided with negative pressure system. The Intensive Care Department aims and strives for an excellent and efficient quality services in various areas of its activity and involvement achieving the goal of keeping the patient as a satisfied and happy one with maximum comfort levels.

We provide efficient, dedicated, high quality evidence-based care to critically ill patients through a collaborative multi-disciplinary approach.


  • Medical emergencies
  • Surgical : Pre-operative/ Post-operative surgical ICU care
  • Obstetrics related emergencies

Department Doctors