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Ms. Sara Hasan Bassoumi

B.Sc. Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Clinical Dietician

Work Experience

  • Ms. Sara Hasan Bassoumi is a highly skilled and experienced nutritional expert specializing in the assessment of patients' dietary needs and requirements. With a strong background in nutrition and health, she is proficient in creating personalized meal plans tailored to individual goals and dietary restrictions. Her expertise extends to the nutritional management of various diseases, enabling her to provide essential support for patients with specific health conditions.
  • Ms. Bassoumi's passion lies in promoting long-term health and well-being through lifestyle modifications and improved dietary habits. With her guidance, people of all ages can adopt healthier lifestyles that lead to sustainable improvements in their overall health. She is dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed choices and achieve their nutritional goals.

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Arabic

Special Interests

  • Dietary counseling and promoting healthy lifestyle choices

Research / Publications

  • Assessment of nutritional knowledge among dentists & dental students among UAE research – 2021