Joint Clinics

Zulekha hospital has an expert Gyne-Onco team, overseeing and managing multiple gynecology related cancer cases, either through minimally invasive procedures, open surgeries/chemo/radiotherapies, depending on the condition of the patient. With experts in multiple disciplines working together, a board of members discusses suspected or diagnosed cases jointly and evaluates the condition and the best mode of treatment to be chosen.

Patients with irregular bleeding, mass in the abdomen, post-menopausal bleeding/o of ovarian Cyst and tumor/growth in the urogenital area can visit the Gyne-Onco clinic as we are well-equipped with modern modalities of investigation and treatment. The Gyne-Onco team provides timely intervention to give the best care for the patient, which reduces morbidity and mortality. The team counsels the patients in their preferred language or with a translator to ensure best understanding of the situation, procedure and outcome.

Fibroids - These are non-cancerous growths arising from the uterus. A patient with fibroid uterus may visit the doctor with menstrual disorders or pressure symptoms like frequency of micturition, constipation and painful intercourse, etc. It is usually seen in the reproductive age group. The team uses advanced diagnostic tools to diagnose the fibroid, and advises the treatment which may include medical and surgical options (minimal invasive procedures/open surgeries) as best treatment modalities.

Endometriosis - this is a painful condition where the inner lining of the womb, grows outside its normal space, commonly seen in the Gynae clinics. The patients complain of painful menstruation, irregular periods, painful intercourse (dyspareunia) and infertility. Treatment options include medical management and surgical (laparoscopic cystectomy) treatment to subside pain and recurrence.

Furthermore the Gyne-Onco Clinic aims to treat all types of gynecological cancers with chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. The clinic also offers management of post-treatment either chemotherapy or immunotherapy complications and extends screening programs for detection of early breast cancer, ovarian cancer and cervix cancer and diagnosis of ovary cervix and endometrium cancer.

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