Certain diagnosis, treatment plans and surgical procedures are life-changing as it can have long-standing physical, emotional and financial after-effects. Making key decisions concerning your health under such circumstances can be extremely difficult. It makes great sense to take a second opinion from a specialist because an expert opinion can not only verify your diagnosis but also evaluate the efficacy of the treatment and procedures prescribed to you.

Zulekha Hospital now offers FREE second opinion on diagnosis, treatment and procedures across disciplines. A second opinion from our highly experienced specialists can identify medical errors, prevent unnecessary procedures and often lower healthcare costs. So, stop worrying. Instead, meet our specialists and take an expert second opinion on the best treatment options that you can totally rely on.

• Peace of mind

Getting a second opinion from our expert specialists bring peace of mind. It will help you feel more comfortable with the health care decisions you make.

• Accurate diagnosis

Always be sure about your diagnosis. Taking a second medical opinion from our specialists can reduce the risk of misdiagnosis to a great extent.

• Advanced care

With most advanced and effective health care systems in place, our expert specialists will evaluate your condition and prescribe the most effective treatment option for you.

• Suitable alternatives

A misdiagnosed patient can undergo unnecessary procedures and costly medical treatment. A second opinion from us can stop the delay in receiving potentially effective treatment options.



Fill in the second opinion registration form provided on this website with all necessary information.*


Our team will evaluate the nature of your medical condition as soon as we receive your request.


A customer relations officer will contact you to schedule your appointment with our specialist.


You can walk-in to Zulekha Hospital at the prescribed time, meet the specialist and have a FREE second opinion.

*Please don't forget to carry all your medical records when you visit Zulekha Hospital for your FREE second opinion consultation.


Why do I need a second opinion?

If you are not happy with your diagnosis or would like to consider seeking the medical advice of an expert, you can choose to have a second opinion.

How do I get a FREE second opinion?

Fill in the registration form provided on this website with all necessary information. Our team will evaluate your case and contact you to schedule your appointment. You must carry all your medical records when you come to meet our specialist.

Am I eligible for a FREE second opinion?

If you are not happy with your diagnosis and have all you medical records at your disposal, you are eligible for a second opinion. Any request without proper medical records will not be entertained and offered a FREE second opinion.

What are the inclusions/exclusions?

Only your consultation with our specialist is included in FREE second opinion offer. All diagnostic tests and investigative procedures the doctor may prescribe are excluded and are payable at actuals.

Can anyone else ask for a second opinion?

Your family and friends can also ask for a second opinion on your behalf, but only with your consent. If someone requests for a second opinion on your behalf, they should possess all medical records pertaining to your illness or condition, and should be provided along with the request.

How long will I have to wait for a second opinion?

Once you request for a second opinion, we will get back to you to schedule your appointment at the earliest. However, if you have a serious medical condition, you should take this into account when deciding to ask for a second opinion. Ask your doctor whether a delay in starting treatment could be harmful.