Zulekha Hospitals’ Survey for the Society / Community

Kindly take few minutes and answer the below mentioned questions as this will help us to improve Zulekha Hospital’s contribution to the community and Society.

Are you a patient/staff/partner with Zulekha Hospitals. If yes, terminate the survey. If no, please proceed and complete the survey.

Did you hear about Zulekha Hospitals on the following?

What is Zulekha Hospitals known for?

Will you ever Visit Zulekha Hospitals for your healthcare needs?

What do you think of Zulekha Hospitals’ work environment / Zulekha Hospitals as an employer?

Are you aware of Zulekha Hospitals’ activities towards environment?

Have you ever participated in the awareness event or medical camp organized by ZH and get benefited by it?

Have our awareness and free checkup campaigns (Charity initiatives) contributed to the benefit of society