Dr. Radwa Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim

MD pediatrics and Neonatology, MRCPCH 2nd, PCS, DHA pediatric specialist, AHA member, lactation board member

Specialist Pediatric

Work Experience

  • Dr Radwa has over twelve years of experience in tertiary neonatal & pediatric critical care medicine, research, teaching and clinical management. Prior to joining Zulekha Hospital Dr Radwa worked as a Specialist at Saudi German Hospital, Dubai managing critical cases at PICU and NICU.
  • She has vast experience in managing general pediatrics cases, PICU cases and emergency cases including post – open heart surgeries, post – surgical, trauma, shock, convulsion, toxicology, DKA, hematological, renal and endocrine emergencies. Dr Radwa also specializes in management of treatments including childhood asthma, allergies, chest diseases, infectious gastrointestinal diseases and vaccination.

Languages Spoken

  • Arabic ( Mother Language)
  • English ( Fluent)

Special Interests

  • Pediatric critical care
  • Pediatric emergencies
  • General pediatrics treatments
  • Vaccinations

Research / Publications

  • Sepsis-related anemia in a pediatric intensive care unit: transfusion-association outcomes 2020

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