Neurosurgery is the surgical segment of the Neuroscience Department, concerned with the diagnosis of certain diseases of the Central Nervous System (Brain, Spinal cord and Peripheral Nerves), and their treatments that often necessitate surgical intervention.

Our Neurosurgery Division in Zulekha Hospital – Dubai is fully prepared to deal with the following entities:

  • Diagnosis and management of lumbar disc disease, degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis, spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis. Management includes conservative treatments as well as surgery, when indicated, for micro-discectomy, decompressive laminectomy, interbody fusion and spinal instrumentation.
  • Diagnosis and management of cervical disc disease, degenerative cervical spinal stenosis and spondylosis. Management includes conservative treatments as well as surgery, when indicated, for anterior cervical discectomy, anterior cervical fusion, decompressive cervical laminectomy and posterior cervical fixation.
  • Diagnosis and management of major head and spine trauma, including detailed analysis of brain and spine imaging, neuro intensive care, intra-cranial pressure monitoring, craniotomy for evacuation of intra-cranial bleeding, decompression and fixation of spine fractures, and microscopic repair of injured peripheral nerves.
  • Diagnosis and management of all types of brain and spine tumors, primary vs metastatic, extra-axial vs intra-axial,… Management includes craniotomy for microscopic resection of convexity supra-tentorial tumors, tumors of skull base, intra-orbital tumors, and infra-tentorial posterior fossa tumors; trans-sphenoidal approach to pituitary tumors, and laminectomy for microscopic resection of extra-dural tumors, intra-dural – extra-medullary and intra-dural – intra-medullary spinal cord tumors.
  • Diagnosis and management of spontaneous intra-cerebral hemorrhage and ischemic stroke from hypertension and atherosclerotic disease, and sub-arachnoid hemorrhage from ruptured Berry aneurysms. Management includes emergency surgery for craniotomy for evacuation of clots, decompression of major vessel ischemic strokes, clipping of ruptured aneurysms as well as endovascular coiling of aneurysms by specialized Interventional Radiology.
  • Diagnosis and management of all kinds of Hydrocephalus in elderlies and in padiatric age group, as well as neonatal spine defects and myelo-meningocele. Management includes shunting of Cerebrospinal Fluid as needed, and surgical repair of neonatal spinal defects. 
  • Diagnosis and management of peripheral nerve entrapment syndromes, including decompressive surgery on carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome etc.

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