Obesity has become one of the most challenging diseases that people struggle to be cured from. Diet and exercise are the first treatment options; however, they fail to provide measurable outcomes among moderately and severely obese people. Numerous studies exposed that bariatric surgery & weight-loss surgery, is the appropriate procedure to help those people lose weight and improve their health score.

In fact, bariatric surgery is a life-changing technique by which candidate people have a higher quality of life. Usually, obese people develop serious conditions by time since moderate-severe obesity is a risk factor for different diseases that include but not limited to: cardiovascular disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, breathing problems, and infertility. In contrast to bariatric surgery, people going under this surgical procedure experience a great improvement in their health status. In addition to its guaranteed weight loss, it lowers high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Gradually, it eliminates the breathing problems, stops the disease progression, and reduces risks of developing new serious conditions.


Candidates of bariatric surgery should be meeting the following criteria:

  • They should be between 18-65 years old. Nevertheless, younger or older patients are considered in accordance to case-by-case basis
  • They should have followed a medically supervised weight-loss program with no success
  • They should have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 and more, or a BMI of 30-39.9 with a presence of one or more chronic condition. BMI= weight (kg) / height (m) x height (m) Body weight status according to BMI:

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